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My "Green" wishes to all of U. I am a "Zero Budget of Natural Farming" farmer in India. I have started my farm with the ideologies of Shri.Subhash Palekarji. Tremendous growth and yield for the very first time that I got in the Model Farm in Tamilnadu, India. The main crop is Paddy, Greengram and Blackgram and due the experience I wish to extend it for the coming August 2009 in Five Acres of my Land.
I spent IRS.2000 for One Acre including all costs up to Harvest. Low Cost Method, Labour Utilisation is very Low, Poisonless Agro proceeds, No Fertilizers, Fungicides, Water Consumption is very Low. The Miracle achieved only by"Jeevamirtha" "Bheejamirtha"
"Aachadana" and "Whaphsa". Totally "Eco Friendly" Natural Farming Method. The Basic is Like a Forest i.e create a Bio Diversity like a Forest. Our Aim is "Crop Forest". By the way to Improve the Agricultural Sector, Avoid Farmers Suicide due to excess debt and the Globe from Global Warming with out any Expences. For further queries pls do not hesitate to contact me. Green Thanks to all.

Your information is good.....
its very use article

Dear Janong Group, I'm very interest with your green farming! Could you sharing me with method how to growig rice by effective and effeciency in cambodia. I plan to running small farm to grwoing rice but I have no technical how to do it! All good wish, with Best regards,

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