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Aloha Richard,

I appreciate your and Gail's sober appraisal that financial sector and corporate media cheer-leading of miraculous recovery is perhaps fatuous and irresponsible regarding a sustainable Hawai'i. However, your cautionary post and advocacy for geothermal also seems to imply that radical reduction of energy inputs (from off-island sources and otherwise) is not particularly relevant to the discussion. Does not peak oil's economic implications for Hawai'i also necessitate challenging this aspect of the status quo?

ps- seeds from the heirloom tomato did indeed propogate into a dozen more. Mahalo!

Aloha Darren:

Of course you are right. I am assuming that people and govenment will conserve wherever possible. That is the most impactful thing we all can do.


Indeed, conservation is, and has for at least 4 decades been, the lowest cost and quickest way to reduce our reliance on petroleum.
It is called efficiency and, in general, the way electricity and transportation are used in our islands is very inefficient. For example, one person driving a 250hp car to a grocery to buy one meal's worth of food that came from everywhere except here and is displayed in open freezers.

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