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Richard, so many things going on. Tesoro is shutting down after no buyers, industry analysts say Chevron will also shut down if there are no buyers. I know you like the term "peak oil" but the real word is Big Oil, and they are now twisting the term "peak oil" around (see BP CEO latest comments). So surprising to see so many people in support of Hawaii importing refined gasoline and diesel if the local refineries shut down. This makes Hawaii even more import dependent. It's going to make local inflation rates skyrocket. This is a continuation of supporting Big Oil, at any cost. On the Big Island, we could have large scale geothermal and start switching over to electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, avoiding this crisis heading this way. Now, after seeing the mindset here, it is becoming clear to me that we will enter that crisis before there is any change, and by then, it will be too late. We should try to bottle Ha energy, that would solve everything.

Aloha Ted
No one is talking about what rising electricity rates will do to the rubbah slippah folks. We need to have that discussion. What works -works. Trickle up economics works when you have a low cost source of energy feed stock that is proven,
affordable and environmentally benign!! Mahalo

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