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The pre-contact Hawaiians lived with the daily reality that everything had to come from their islands. These islands have vast endemic energy and food sources, if developed efficiently. The problem now is Big Oil is spinning the supply/cost issue and that isn't the point. Supply was an issue in the 80's. The issue now is Climate Change From BURNING OIL. We need to decrease, then stop burning oil and natural gas, putting tons and tons of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Hawaii has endemic wind, solar, geothermal, and ocean power, all emitting no carbon. Biomass is still burning but efficient stacks can reduce the carbon footprint. It is crazy around here when so many people are ignoring these validated EPA reports about the thousands of tons of SO2 that is being put into the air over the east side, yet be on the verge of hysterical panic if somebody just mentions SO2 or H2S went over a few parts per billion around PGV. We know the Hawaiians were very grateful for geothermal, including a special menu that required runners from the coast running up to specific spiritual vents to heat that meal. The pre-contact ali'i were in a symbiotic relationship with the volcano, fearing but also respectful, admiring and in gratitude of the bounty Pele provides. Geothermal is a gift from Pele and should be accepted with awe, respect and gratitude.

Great post! It's true that living within our means as an island will mean getting quite a bit more realistic about the biophysical realities of our civilization -more than what we're used to at this point.

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