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With all due respect, a new geothermal power plant cannot be constructed for $.10 cents per kilowatt hour. You continue to quote this estimate and it is quite unrealistic.

I am a big fan of geothermal power, but I think that you should be careful to not mismanage expectations. Stacking more power into PGV isn't a very attractive option other than for price reasons. Given that the community does not wish to see more power development there, a new geothermal power plant is the only other option and it cannot be built at $.10 cents a kilowatt hour. Aloha.

I am using published data. Before the Geothermal and Road Map was published in Jan 2013, I used the GeothermEx report of 2005. That estimated the cost to be below 10 cents per kilowatt hour. The Geothermal Road Map report, which is linked above, gives a range of 10 cents to 15 cents per kilowatt hour--depending on various cost factors. Watch the community and their leaders. They will determine the cost of the project, not me. I just brought information for common usage.

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