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This is like the plastic bag ban that Pete Hoffman got passed. They are using fear, falsehoods and ignorance to fast track a bill that amounts to nothing but "moral busybodies" feeling good about what they did.

I predict that Willie's bill and her supporters will collapse the small business farms on the BI. It will increase the cost of food, no doubt.

Taking technological improvements away from Big Island farmers while leaving it available to farmers in other counties will make Big Island farmers uncompetitive. You are right Margaret Wille will be responsible for making the Big Island less food secure if this bill passes.

Actually, the council discussion on Bill 79 is being run on Channel 55 cable and I watched part of it. Almost all the council members were agreeing they didn't want GMO to come to Hawaii island. There is no way to say this nicely, the county council is scientifically illiterate. Maybe their priority is law and social networking but they owe the public at least some effort to reach at least a high school level of competency understanding basic science including biology and genetics. They all exhibited the irrational fear of Frankenfood, which is a joke of term, since Frankenstein was made from cadaver parts, not genetically modified. Quite frankly, I am insulted by the level of science ignorance and illiteracy this county council keeps demonstrating.

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