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Something few people are asking is what is the impact to the cost of food on Hawaii island? What is the cost of enforcement? Are these bills requiring county level inspectors to now go through all the Youngs Brothers tugboat ferries loaded with containers, confirming all products are non-GMO? Hawaii island is still importing 35% of its produce, vegetables and fruits. Anything made with corn including vegetable oil, corn syrup, corn fiber, corn cereal, corn chips, etc. is GMO and has been for 20 years, so all of that will have to be banned. This "enforcement" would make the cost of food being imported even more expensive. This isn't even counting the fact that all biotech will avoid the county after those bills are in place.

Aloha Ted
These are things that should have been studied before proposing a ban that resulted in people yelling and screaming at each other. Now, farmers are being asked to accept the banning of all new bio tech solutions that may have been cleared for use by everyone but for Big Island farmers. Farmers are being asked if it is ok to criminalize farmers. It is not ok!

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