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After reading the mayor's statements, it appears to me that he is engaging in rather shameless protectionism for some of your farmers and industries at the expense of others. Seems like a questionable use of government. Is it really his job to use his office to promote a particular kind of agriculture?
Check the "Dormant Commerce Clause" in the constitution, and especially Justice O'Connor's opinion. Then tell me if you think this law violates the Constitution.

There is a grain of unhealthy selfishness in this blog post. You are angry because Hawaii wants to restrict GMO's so you'll just sell the land to developers huh? Selfish and childish and you are not thinking of our future by making threats to have the land subdivided and built on. That's disgraceful. - Ron, Keaau.

It's more complicated than that. In a subsequent conversation, I discovered that I did not have to encumber the entire property. That being the case, I could dedicate most of the land. But, retain the option of selling off a piece so we would not have to sell the whole parcel if something happened. We are looking seriously at this option now.

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